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PCM Color Sheet

The PCM color sheet plate is a continuous roll-coated color steel plate with a rich surface and can be matched according to customer requirements. The PCM color plate not only has good moldability, corrosion resistance and flexibility of the paint film, but also has good economy. According to CCA (European Coil Coating Association) data statistics, PCM color plates are superior to traditional powder-sprayed sheets in terms of production efficiency, turnover storage, environmental protection effects, appearance effects, etc., and their overall cost is lower than that of powder-sprayed sheets, using colored steel plates. It can reduce the cost of thin-plate coating products by 5%-10% and save energy 1/6-1/5. Therefore, almost all household appliances in Europe and the United States use color plates; currently in China, powder-coated plates are gradually being replaced by color plates. On the basis of the traditional PCM color plate, Himei Metal New Materials Co., Ltd. has developed a new product such as conductive PCM color plate and roller surface coating PCM color plate by integrating global resources. The products not only meet the EU RoHS environmental protection standards. This product has been appraised by the State Science and Technology Commission and the Economic and Trade Commission, and the performance and quality of the products have reached a certain level.