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color steel plate

Processing technology of color steel plate

The appearance of color steel sheet metal curtain wall provides a broad stage for the development of building curtain wall. The color of stainless steel sheet metal curtain wall curtain wall panel refers to the rookie for stainless steel sheet metal curtain wall, color stainless steel plate as a modern, rich and colorful building curtain wall form, to promote the role of more and more widely in the industry of building curtain wall.

Half tone image technology in corrosion corrosion of stainless steel flower pen holder and a pen sleeve of the method is that the camera has a negative pattern of continuous tone, plus network remake, composed by the network become half tone negative, will be covered in the film has been coated with a photosensitive film of stainless steel pen, pen cap, and then inserted in the shaft rotating exposure the core can rotate on. After developing with ferric chloride solution to etch 0.02~0.03mm at room temperature, the black or white chromium plating, coating varnish.

With a photosensitive film coated on the surface of stainless steel, and then the patterns covered the film is exposed, then it is developed, which form a pattern resist film on stainless steel, and then etched into the etching solution, etching achieve the desired effect.