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pvc film

High-grade color coated steel plate

PVC coated board is specially treated with PVC film with high temperature coated metal plate. Has unique performance: fire prevention, waterproof, fireproof, weather resistance and other characteristics, form a rich variety of wood, stone, brick and tile, woven cloth grain, leather grain, camouflage grain, grain, grain sheepskin grain, orange peel, refrigerator patterns and other decorative pattern and design, achieve the result of design aesthetic and anticorrosion and durable.

PVC high temperature coated steel plate can meet all kinds of special requirements, such as: anti-pollution self-cleaning, high temperature resistance, self-extinguishing, sterilization, non-stickiness, fingerprint and self-lubrication.

VCM plate as the film face plywood, PCM for color printing, generally VCM plate are made of galvanized substrate, double color or pattern membrane, this kind of plate surface is very smooth level off, the surface color effect is out of reach for PCM, but more expensive, generally used in refrigerator panel, or the side panel of high-grade wine, set-top box enclosure, etc., product use has a higher requirement to the requirement of membrane. PCM for color coating plate, the surface of household appliances environmental protection paint, cheaper prices relative to PCM, generally used in refrigerator side plate, the plate is not applicable to high-end refrigerator panel, as a result of the plate to poor flatness is VCM and single color effect, so the main is the use of the side panel.