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If the refrigerator panel is painted with ordinary steel plates, this is the cheapest. The ordinary steel plate plus VCM film will make the appearance of the refrigerator more beautiful and the cost is moderate. The PCM steel sheet is a pre-coated steel sheet, and the use of this material is also common. Many refrigerators use VCM panels. In fact, the VCM panel is a metal-coated panel, which is a film of pvc and pet on the surface of the metal plate, so that various colors can be printed on the film, and different textures such as matt and highlight are separated, that is, a color layer. Pressed steel plate (this steel plate may be stainless steel plate or galvanized plate). Thanks to the wide variety of film products, it is possible to create very beautiful patterns and patterns to attract consumers to buy.

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August 8, 2018

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