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Disinfection Cabinet

1. The metal panel is integrated with the stainless steel cabinet and will never crack;
2. An environmentally friendly material of metal, which is not synthesized by chemical materials and has no slight radiation of natural granite;
3, the metal panel and the basin, the baffle are also integrated, so that the overall feeling of the cabinet is very strong, there is no meaning gap on the whole stainless steel table;
4, the metal panel including the table top is made of stainless steel material, absolutely fireproof, high temperature performance is also very good;
5, the metal panel table top is not permeable, the water absorption rate is zero, so the oil droplets or other stains on the table surface are wiped clean;
6. The metal panel has strong hardness and good impact resistance. At most, it can only sag on the table, but it will not break.

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August 8, 2018

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